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Synthetic Unit 


Curley, Wavy, Straight, 

Dred, Twisted, Most colors available!

Permanent Style

No Styling Aids Needed

light  weight

Easy to clean 


Blended Unit


Best for General Upkeep

Low Maintenance

Mild Versatility

Low Use of Styling Tools

Mild Care Need


100% Natural  Unit  


Best Quality

Human Hair

Cut & Style to your specifications

Perm, Color, Relax or Bleach

 Maintenance and Upkeep like your own using styling tools!


HAIRIAM (pronounced HAIR-I-AM)

Are you ready to have your hair bring back the youthfulness to you? Do you suffer from the embarrassment of thinning hair or loss due to age, illness, medication or as we know it all to well chemicals.  I can design an undetectable and secure hairpiece that will have your peers wondering how much younger and confident you look! 

Well I have the answer to all your concerns that involve your Crown area! 

Alopecia Areata - Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may  appear singularly or  may overlap thus contributing to  Loss of edges, the landing strip down the middle, the cul-de-sac in the back and the perenial ridge/crest

Never feel shameful or embarrassed again with my non surgical Hand made hand tied/knotted method you will be sure to get the

 proper color, hair type, hair length, hair texture

Simple send me a snapshot of missing areas of you head(similar to pictures shown below) also send the length and color and a shot of how you would normally wear your hair (part, forward, or back) simply text or call (757) 819-8455 or email  [email protected]




What our customers are saying

I now feel totally reguvinated where I once felt like I was aging before my time thru hair loss. 

I now have a new lease on life and the confidence beyond measure! Everyone I know is amazed at my extrordinary new look!

Thank you and bless you for your wonderful coverage without disapointment!

Jimmy J. Jenkins, CA

I ordered my unit via text, I simply sent in a picture of my thinning areas just like the before pictures above. I must admit I was a little leary at first, however in conversing with my specialist I was totally reassured! 

My unit is so undetectible and lightweight I barley know it there, while the complements just keep pouring in,  I'm  just over the moon!

Claudia Stanley, NJ

What a life changing experience for me after I found out I had to take Chemo and my hair loss took place. I was devastated at the mere thought of the whole experience. I was told about Hairiam and decided to give them a call. I now feel more confident than ever and am very satisfied with my look and how quick my order came in, which fits like a charm!

Edna Mason, MI